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.:. Robert E. Lee .:.

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.:. Robert E. Lee's Role in the Civil War .:.

Shortly after joining Virginia's military forces, Robert E. Lee became Commander in Chief of their armies. He began to put his troops and weapons in strategic places where he expected attack to take place. During this time, Confederate (seceded) troops joined the Virginian armies, and together they managed to conquer the Federal Army at the first Battle of Bull Run. It was then that the Federals realized that their efforts at trying to quietly bring the states back into the Union were not working, and a true, full-out war started.

Between July 1861 and June 1862, Robert E. Lee was allotted for several very disappointing jobs under the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. The last of these jobs was the post of Military Advisor.

Shortly after Robert E. Lee took the position, the Federal Army infiltrated the gates of the capital Confederate city of Richmond, and in the battles, a central leader of the seceded armies was seriously injured. Robert E. Lee was then chosen to take over the vacant position, and became commander of the Confederate armies.

Painting of Robert E. Lee and Traveler -- (c) Kels

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