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.:. Robert E. Lee .:.

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.:. Early Life of Robert E. Lee .:.

Robert E. Lee was the fourth of seven children, and the youngest boy, born to Colonel Harry Lee and Ann Hill Carter. His father (Harry Lee) had been a cavalry leader during the time of the Revolution.
Robert was not born into a very rich family, as his father died when he was a child, leaving the seven children and widow to fend for themselves. Growing up, Robert was very close to and deeply influenced by his mother, who was a Christian, and had a great strength of character throughout the family's struggle. All records of his childhood say that he was a very gentle and well-mannered boy, and he grew to excel at whatever he attempted.
Robert Lee, due to the fact that he did not have enough money, did not attend university. Instead, he went to the United States Military Academy to train as a soldier. He was very well-respected and always near the top of his class. He won the highest rank a cadet could receive, corps adjutant. He graduated second in his entire class in 1829.

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