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.:. Robert E. Lee .:.

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.:. My Thoughts... .:.

I think that Robert E. Lee always tried his best to do the right thing, and I admire this quality in him. He was amazing in military involvement, and was a hard, thorough worker, as well as being very smart. I also agree with his opinions in favor of peace and justice, and against slavery.

However, by joining with his Southern state of Virginia instead of the Union, he was joining with the people who were in favor of slavery. This contradicts his own views against secession, slavery and war; he didn’t stand up for what he believed in on this occasion.

I believe that Robert E. Lee was a very noble person overall. Although I don’t agree with everything he did, I do believe that in the end, after the wars, he did more to voice his own beliefs and opinions and truly promote peace within his country.


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