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.:. Robert E. Lee .:.

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.:. Robert E. Lee -- After the Wars .:.

In the years following the Civil War, Robert E. Lee became the hero of the South. He accepted his defeats in the war with no self-pity or worry, and he expressed his feelings to his people about the need for peace and unity within the country.

He never fully recovered from the mental and physical strain that he had experienced during the wars, but was furthermore concerned for his wife and children, because he was now without income.

For need of money, and to set an example for other now-unemployed officers, he accepted an offer for the job of President at Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. He believed that it was his responsibility to train the youth of Virginia after the wars.

Robert E. Lee died on October 12, 1870. His body is kept in a mausoleum in the chapel of the university, which later changed its name to Washington and Lee University.

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Old Robert E. Lee



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